Enterprise Information

Jinan Weibo New Materials Company

Jinan Weibo New Materials Company is a high-tech enterprise, specializing on the development, production and sales of microwave dielectric ceramic components such as microwave dielectric ceramics, resonators, and filters, etc. The company is committed to becoming a first-class and leading supplier domestically and universally of microwave electronic components, and further promoting the development of domestic microwave device industry and innovation of microwave communication media, in order to realize the goal that the company is developed into a first-class high-tech enterprise with international vision and the idea of global competition.

Jinan Jingzheng Electronic Technology Company

Locating in Jinan Hi-tech Zone, Jinan Jingzheng Electronic Technology Company was established in 2010, which is a high-tech enterprise committed to the development, production and sales of thin-film photo-electronic crystal materials. The company has its industrial production base and Sino-US crystal thin-film material research center, and the R&D team is led by scholars returning from overseas. Its team has developed firstly 300-700 nanometer-thick lithium niobate single crystal thin film material in the international community, which can be used to make modulator, filter and high-density information storage device, etc. These materials have broad application prospects in piezoelectric, ferroelectric, infrared detection, etc., which can greatly improve the transmission capacity and integration of optical communication system and bring enormous economic and social benefits.At present, its products have entered many scientific research institutions and enterprises such as Cambridge University, Harvard University, Yale University, Polish Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University, etc. In the future, the company will regard lithium niobate single crystal thin-film products as the leader and build its global-oriented manufacturing and R & D base of lithium niobate single crystal thin-film products, gradually developing world advanced photoelectric crystal materials and related component products, enhancing its core competitiveness, creating a world-class brand and building a first-class international enterprise.


VisImage Systems (Jinan) Company

VisImage Canada was founded in 1996byDr. Shi Yin of Toronto University, which is specializing on scientific research, computer vision, image processing systems, engineering and human body measurement system. Based on the integrated marketing concepts of specialization, persistence and combination of research and development, the company has outstanding development experience in human body data analysis, clothing tailoring and video signal processing. It is now widely used in national defense and affairs in the international community and it has always been performing perfectly internationally. The company has been always learning the management modes from successful international enterprises; its product quality and technology are both tested rigorously; and it has been working with the Canadian Department of National Defence for 15 years and occupies the North American market exclusively. In March, 2007, VisImage Canada established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Beijing of China, which has been identified as a high-tech enterprise by Zhongguancun Science Park. It was introduced and settled in Jinan successfully by the Shandong provincial government personnel plan in October, 2010.


Shandong Zhongshi Hengke New Materials Company

This company is a production and sales branch of Canadian Spletune Company established in Shandong Province. Its main business services are the production and sales of Lize rust conversion agent, which is non-toxic, safe and environmentally-friendly in the construction process. It can be used by spraying, which is favorable for shortening the construction period significantly. Its market prospects are broad and it can be applied for various sectors of national production, including but not limited to petroleum, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, military shipbuilding, metallurgy, construction and municipal gardens, etc.


Jinan Ruixun Information Technology Company

The company firstly proposes the idea of fashion geographic information system (FGIS) using cutting-edge technologies such as modern artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data and GIS, etc. and collaborating with world-renowned scientists and teams in the world .Its industrialized use is one of the core technologies to solving key issues related with retail development (customer-centricity, data and analytics, merchandising and inventory optimization), which has a very broad market prospect.


Xingmei Ruiming Medical TechnologyCompany

Its main business service is the storage of new-generation stem cell and regeneration of organ. The company has brought up a way to extracting, amplifying and transplanting new-generation stem cells, which has helped succeed in transplanting human lung stem cells, regenerating the human’s lung and making lung’s function back to the normal level. A small part of this technology has been reported in Nature, a top journal in the world. At the same time, we have also succeed in extracting the new-generation stem cells of major epithelial tissues and organs, including stomach, intestine, liver, kidney, pancreas, uterus, ovaries and skin ,etc. However, such tissues and organs are not limited in the above ones. This achievement has been rated as one of the top ten biotech advances in the past decade.


Innovative Power Canada (Shandong) Company

Its business scope includes "technological development, consulting and services of automobile production; technological development, consulting services and the production of automotive components and air pollution control equipment. It is working on reducing diesel locomotives’ emissions of exhaust, improving the efficiency of energy, enhancing the power of the car and achieving the comprehensive effects of energy saving and emission reduction.


Shandong Counting-rod Intelligence Information Technology Company

Based on three-dimensional scanning technology of the latest RGB-Dsensor, the company is committed to the research and development of three-dimensional data acquisition system and three-dimensional data standardization acquisition system of on-the-spot investigation and further achieves the goals of three-dimensional inquest and three-dimensional data standardization collection. With assistance of self-developed scanning software, three-dimensional scanning can be used widely in high-speed and high-precision three-dimensional model reconstruction of scenes and portraits and further improve the efficiency of on-site reconstruction and standardized information collection and reduce the number of omissions .This can be helpful to push on-the-spot investigation and standardization information gathering into a three-dimensional holographic era, which is favorable for really nondestructively and faithfully recording the first scene and standardized information.


Jinan Huaao Pharmaceutical Technology Company

Jinan Huaao Pharmaceutical Technology Company is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production, sales and service of digital medical micro system (MEMS) equipment. On the basis of medical micro system, it focusing on the development and promotion of micro-multifunctional robot capsule project product used for imaging, marking and treatment .This product is a new intelligent electronic product which can be used for the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases .The technology has reached the international advanced level.


Jinan Bochuang Pharmaceutical Technology Company

The company is committed to the research, development and application of skin-generating biotechnology, which is a pharmaceutical technology enterprise focusing on the research, production and sales of skin-related medicines. It owns an innovation project with independent intellectual property right -- "development and industrialization of externally used recombinant human cell growth factor and its preparations ,"whose productions are a series of new formulations based on externally used compound recombinant human cell growth factor, including topical spray of recombinant human cell growth factor, topical gels and eye drops, etc., of which two product patents has been accepted by the national patent. Its business services include medicines, biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals and technological development ,consulting and services of genetic engineering.