Merchants Information


I. Electronic technology

1.Cloud calculation, internet of things, key technology of big data and its use. Software technology used to manage mass storage and application of cloud calculation and big data in such areas as finance, telecommunication, energy, government, and agriculture, etc. Software for developing, managing and using internet of things in such sectors as agriculture, medicine, cigarette, modern logistics, food and drug administration and security supervision, etc.

2.Software. Computer-aided manufacture software system, information security technology and products. Application software in such areas as electricity, transportation, finance, political affairs, communication, social management, people’s livelihood and modern agriculture.

3.Network and communication. Research and development and industrialization of technology related to network communication, including transmission exchange equipment, mobile communication equipment, access equipment and system for the application of network valued added business;

4.Informationalization. Develop such key technologies aimed at manufacturing and service industries as 3-D CAD design, intelligent business service support platform (software and services), etc.

II. New materials

1.High performance semiconductor materials. Develop high performance materials that have such functions and effects of electricity, magnetism, light and sound.

2.Research and development of such materials as new polymer materials. Organic polymer materials, organ fluorine materials, silicone material, high molecular weight polyethylene and products made of them.

3.High performance metal materials. High strength, high ductility, high-temperature resistant, and wear resistant structural materials and high performance materials for special purposes.

III. New energy and energy efficiency

1.Solar energy thermal application. Develop standardized and general components for solar energy hot water system, solar collecting system technology and application, carry out study on the technology for efficient use of solar energy, research and development of such technologies as solar thermal power generation and system integration.

2.Solar energy photovoltaics application. Develop solar cell, solar cell components, and control system for photovoltaics for power generation.

3.Technology of recycling and reusing renewable resources. Develop technologies used to recycle, sorting out and treating such renewable resources as old steel and abandoned plastics; recycling production technology. Research and development of key technology in such recycling economy sectors as paper making, food, mechanics and equipment manufacturing.

IV. Biology and pharmacy

1.Bio-finery of non-grain biomass raw material and large scale production technology of bioenergy. Develop bioenergy products, key technology and special equipment, etc. whose main materials are industrial wastes and agricultural, forestry and household wastes.

2.Biomedicine. Research and development of biotechnology products and relevant technology. Develop biotech medicine that has independent intellectual property rights and develop new drugs; traditional Chinese medicine and natural drugs; develop Chinese herb types and medicinal plants; promote such new technology as bionic extraction of enzyme, and application of new process in research and development and manufacture of proprietary Chinese medicine.

3.Biomedical engineering. Development of key technology in such areas as medical device, medical materials, and medical equipment, including products made of biomedical materials, medical imaging and diagnostic equipment, medical electronic apparatus, modern medical treatment equipment, etc.

Ⅴ.Modern agriculture

1.New plant variety and germplasm resources in agriculture. Research and development, introduction and exemplary application of new varieties of plants and animals; develop main farm crops, forest trees and fruit trees, domestic animals and fowls; technology of exploring and sharing excellent germplasm resources of aquatic products.

2.Research on the technology for preventing major diseases and pests of plants and animals. Develop new products such as new types of biological pesticide, biological vaccine, and such biological products as new types of veterinary drugs.

3.Agriculture facilities. Research and development on using facilities for effective culture, planting, farming, and soilless culture and such smart control technology as facilities and equipment for industrial production and automatic control. Research and development of such water-saving technology and equipment as those for efficiently using water, saving water and making use of rain water in agriculture. Research and development of new material, new technology, and new process for mechanical equipment of agriculture. Develop environmental friendly, standard and intelligent facilities and agricultural equipment.

4.Agricultural product processing and highly effective use of agricultural resources. Key technology for processing, storing and preserving agricultural products. Develop technologies for highly effective use of such agricultural resources as soil, fertilizer, water and gas and develop such technology and techniques as recycling of wastes.

VI. Resources and environment

。 1.Technologies used to control pollution caused by fine particles. Develop dust removal technology, auto exhaust catalyst, industrial wastes treatment technology and high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant technology, etc.

2.Technology of supervising atmosphere and warning. Develop such technologies as continuous (automatic and online) monitoring of fixed source of pollution and forecasting and warning atmosphere and environment quality, etc.

3.Technology of comprehensive use of solid wastes. Develop technology and equipment for harmless disposal and making use of, as resources, kitchen wastes and wastes in urban parks.

4.Technology of highly effective use of water resources. Develop technology for saving water for such sectors, which use a lot of water, as electricity, paper making, steel, oil and gas exploration, chemical, textile and for technical transformation for such sectors to reuse reclaimed water.

VII Clinical medicine

1.Study on standardized diagnosis and treatment technology of key diseases. Form standardized key technology and individualized technology for clinical diagnosis and treatment of such major non-infectious diseases as malignant tumors, cardiovascular diseases, digest system diseases, and endocrine and metabolism diseases.

2.Innovation in terms of new clinical diagnosis and treatment technology. Apply such biomedical engineering technology as clinical treatment and clinical medical imaging for common diseases, frequently occurring diseases of key population, key regions and key procedures.