Park functions


Article 1 Provide services to scientific and technological innovation enterprises, the sites of research and development, production and operation, and sharing office facilities for the local enterprises.

Article 2 Strengthen the construction of intensive intelligence platform, use the external resources to gather and optimize the talent, technology, capital and other elements, cultivate the projects to become bigger and stronger.

Article 3 Strengthen communication and cooperation with foreign leading peers, construct industrialization base and technology industries union and build a good business environment.

Article 4 Play an important role in social intermediary organization, strengthen communications and cooperation with universities and research organizations at home and abroad, establish innovative management and service mechanism, in line with the international standards in operational management mode, provide project incubating with comprehensive supports in market, technology, intelligence etc.

Article 5 Strengthen the strategic cooperation with venture capital funds, equity transactions and financial organizations, and provide a platform for enterprise development.

It has four departments, including:

Overseas Business Department, Information Service Department, Investment and Financing Management Department, and Marketing Department.

Overseas Business Department is mainly responsible for the introduction of the talents and high-tech enterprises and project screening, and introduction of overseas funds, private equity funds, venture capital and Angel Investment Capital.

Information Service Department is mainly responsible for integrated services in all aspects such as administrative management, secretaries, logistics, public relations, financial and information network platform .

Investment and Financing Management Department is mainly responsible for attracting overseas funds, private equity funds, venture capital, Angel Investment Capital, and solving funds shortage problems for the development of local enterprises.

Marketing Department is mainly responsible for all-round services such as development and planning, technology research and development, market development and property transaction, provide technical cooperation and expand market channels for the development of local enterprises.