Article 1 It is 3 months to assess the enterprise from entering for the first time. For qualified enterprises, the interval of the next assessment is 6 months; for unqualified enterprise, the interval of the next assessment is 3 months.

Article 2 Assessment Progress

Notice to the enterprise in writing from JIBI →enterprise prepares materials according to the assessment requirements → JIBI organizes relevant personnel to audit and assessment materials and to carry out field visits to the enterprise→ grade according to the scores of evaluation index system→ assessment results feedback to the company in writing

Article 3 Assessment Content

Assessment content includes the following five aspects: economic capacity, technology development, enterprise management, product technology level and the degree of industrialization, enterprise development potential.

Article 4 Assessment Results

In case of the following circumstances, the enterprise will be considered as unqualified in the performance assessment:

1. The project fails to proceed as planned.

After entering, the enterprise has no technical scheme for the scientific research project due to some reasons or the technical scheme keeps changing; project is suspended.

2. Staffs failed to work properly.

After the enterprise enters, the staffs do not work as required, and the building is kept unused or closed for a long time.

3. Enterprise personnel is not in place

The enterprise fails to assign the promised personnel and technical personnel, and only one personnel is attended usually.

4. The enterprise fails to timely submit the Quarterly Investigation Form of the Enterprise and Annual Work Summary Form of the Enterprise, or these documents fail to reflect the truth and no improvement is made after rectification.

5. Local enterprise terminates its business plan.

6. The enterprise fails to pay the management fee and other due fee on time, and do not submit the written explanation for delayed payment.

Article 5 Materials need to be submitted by assessed enterprise

1. Enterprise financial statements

2. Enterprise staff roster (including the name, gender, birth date, educational background, professional and technical titles)

3. Enterprise project development plan and details of research and development investment

4. Enterprise self-evaluation sheet

5. Enterprise’s annual work summary report (the enterprise should make a summary of the product development, the establishment and development of the technical team and management team, management system and marketing channels, etc.)

Article 6 Use of assessment results

After the assessment, the excellent enterprises will be considered as our key service objects, and more favorable supporting policies will be given to them.

The enterprises failed to pass the assessment in two consecutive times will be removed from JIBI and will not be provided with relevant supporting policies and services any more.