Enterprise applied to enter the Incubator need to submit the following materials:

1. Application for Entering the Incubator

2. Business Plan

3. Feasibility Report of the Science and Technology Based Project, which includes the analysis of technical feasibility, market feasibility and economic and social benefits. Technical feasibility analysis focuses on the project name, purpose, the development and the forecast of this technology at home and abroad, the main point of technology innovation, technology maturity and need for further development, etc.; market feasibility analysis focuses on the productization and commercialization degree of the product, the demand at home and aboard, concrete measures for the market development, etc.; economic and social benefit analysis need to indicate the output value, profit, profit and loss balance analysis, etc.

4. Personal Resume of Entrepreneur, which includes the original and photocopy of the entrepreneur's personal id card and the original and photocopy of the certificate of the highest education.

5. Personnel Basic Information of Team, which includes the list of team members, the main experience, and respective role in starting the business, including the photocopy of id card and education certificate.

6. An overview of the enterprise, which includes corporate shareholders and equity structure, the actual or planned establishment time, the registered capital, type, scope of business, organizational structure, funding amounts and sources, financing plan, etc.

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