Entry Standards


Article 1 Start business in the high-tech fields such as electronic information, biological medicine, new materials, optic-mechanical integration, new energy and energy saving, environment and resource and modern agriculture.

Article 2 Have the project of high-level innovation, high technical content, good market prospects and independent intellectual property rights.

Article 3 Focus on the key technology and key innovative product projects in strategic emerging industries, have obvious innovation and progress compared to the existing technology.

Article 4 Provide advanced technical support and services for the innovation project on technical transformation, technology upgrade and product quality improvement.

Article 5 The technical leader of technical project is familiar with the development of this technology, research results are at the leading level at home and abroad, research and development team has the ability to implement and transform the technology of the project and for future development.

Article 6 Project has mature technology, mature process conditions, commercialization and productization conditions. If application for the license is required, relevant requirements must be met.

Article 7The market development potential is great, the expected economic and social benefit is remarkable.

Article 8 No environmental pollution will be caused or no pollutants discharged after treated, in conformity with the relevant provisions of China.