JIBI Introduction


Jinan International Business Incubator (JIBI) for Chinese overseas returnees is a development platform for high-tech projects and business start-ups in Jinan, managed and operated by Jinan Aomei Innovative Enterprise Management Service Co., LTD and located in 17th Floor, Block B, Pilot Platform Area of Medicine Valley, High-Tech Development Zone, Jinan. It is operated and managed in the mode of “Government Leading and Market Oriented”, which provides effective service support for business start-up by technical personnel and enterprise development.

JIBI is a high-end incubator, and effectively integrates business resources, on the basis of routine service mechanism, working closely with overseas and regional financial organizations, research institutes, investment and financing companies etc., providing all-round supports for the enterprises here in development and planning, technology research and development, market development, property trading, venture investment, financing and listing at home and abroad, etc. and quality external environment for the enterprise growth and entrepreneurs.

JIBI provides overseas technical personnel returned to establish business with preferential policies, as well as supports and services in project approval, technology research and development, finance, marketing, etc. Projects that explored and introduced from abroad and provides advanced technology, can be operated cooperatively by various ways, such as technology shares based cooperation. JIBI actively promotes the domestic operation and development and accelerates the marketization of technology and products. On the basis of project progress and the specific needs, JIBI works with the local enterprises in aspects such as market development and project promotion to broaden the development space for the enterprise.

JIBI works with you to support your development and accelerate your business success.